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What is the Foundation CO2 Calculator?

The EFFC and DFI have created a tool that will calculate the CO2 emissions of foundation and geotechnical works. It is designed to allow contractors and commissioning organisations alike to assess the carbon footprint of their projects.

The Foundation CO2 Calculator has been developed using verifiable, standardized data to enable accurate benchmarking of competing project proposals. Prior to its development there existed no single standardized tool for calculating CO2 emissions for these types of ground works.

The tool also allows contractors to compare and contrast different technical approaches within the same project and see what the CO2 emissions will be. Furthermore it can be used throughout a project's development to compare how it performed against expectations.

Uses of the Foundation CO2 Calculator

The tool is easy to use and enables:

Foundation designers and contractors:-

  • evaluate the carbon footprint of your designs
  • compare the carbon footprint of alternative designs
  • compare pre-project projections of carbon emissions with post-project measurements


  • compare pre-project projections of carbon emissions, with post project measurements
  • compare the carbon footprint of one proposal against another
  • compare pre-project projections with post-project measurements

The European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC)
The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)

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